I’m Janessa.

Each of us has a story to live.

Our stories are shared with people who are sprinkled into our lives to love and impact in the name of Christ.  But it’s a choice.  Free will allows us to share our faith, our earthly goods, our time, and our love unconditionally.

I was a hungry teenager growing up.  Hungry for something more than life.  To my friends, I appeared normal and content.  But inside, there was a deeper, unquenchable thirst.  There was someone in my life who radiated Christ, and that relationship was what I craved.

Inside, I was praying that God would send someone to tell me more about Himself. He did just that, and I gave my life to the Lord – because someone loved Jesus enough to take a risk to tell me about Him.

It’s overwhelming to think about the depths Christ travels to in pursuit of us.  Because of that one person, I am discovering the courage to become the person He created me to be without apology.  I am boldly using the desires and talents He equips me with to build His Kingdom.  A pastor once told me that the Bible can be summed up in 4 concepts: Love God, Know God, Worship God, and Minister to His People.  The latter can only be accomplished during our time here on earth.

Jesus will one day ask how we shared the message of His love to those He brought into our lives – to our family, our friends, our co-workers, and even the person in the checkout line. You may never know the impact of your one act of obedience.  You may invite someone into the Kingdom of God that lives a life transformed by Christ for the sake of others.

I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a professional, and the child of a King. My story is personal and faith-based.  Life is best told in stories and this is mine.  Welcome to the journey!



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. This is wonderful, Janessa! I am so glad you decided to share your journey. I am sure it will inspire many to open their hearts to Christ, and live a better story of their own. May the Lord bless you with many wonderful surprises along the way!


  2. Pat Franzer said:

    Looking forward to following your journey! You are just a beautiful servant of The Lord.


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