My roommate, Renee (name on point, right?! 🙂 ), has a heart of gold and cares for a pretty dynamic and uncommon duo.  Though the two have never met face-to-face, they share a very familiar relationship.

Meet Rico:

Rico is a Conure, which is a type of parrot, with green, blue, and yellow feathers and blushing red cheeks.  He likes most fruits (especially blueberries!) and will fight for almond butter if given the chance.  Socialization, attention-seeking, and flying into exhaustion are some of his favorite pass-times when he’s not hanging upside down sleeping like a bat.  Rico packs a lot of punch into his 2.4 ounce body (yes, we weighed him).

I am Rico.

Ricco4Meet Kiddo:

Kiddo is a Quarter Horse, and his stature is closer to a Thoroughbred – tall, lean, and his 1,200 pound frame has hindquarters for days.  His bronze coat blends into the fall country landscape, but you can catch red undertones when he dances in the sun.  A bright white star on his forehead makes it easy to spot him from a distance.


Kid is lame. Typically, the angles in a horse’s foot resemble those of a woman in high heels; however, Kid outwore his fancy feet after 20+ years of dancing, and his heels dropped to an extreme Case B.


People ask “why keep a horse if he can’t be ridden?”  …Well, we don’t get rid of people when they get old, right? There’s life to be lived, and wisdom to be shared!

He is living the retired life, spending days in the company of his mare friends.  He doesn’t ask for anything but patience.  Kiddo loves to share himself.

If I’m like Rico, then God is like Kiddo.

I’m the one bouncing around, impatiently yammering my requests, my needs, my desires, blah, blah, blah…

I imagine he’s thinking, yes, I see you there and I hear you, but that’s not my plan.  You’ll know, but now I need you to be patient and focus.  Focus on what you have and who you’re with, right where you are.  Slow down.  

The most gentle of creatures is majestic, powerful, and commands respect using nothing but a silent voice and still presence.  Every stride is intentional, grateful, and (for the most part) graceful.