Friday marked our final day with the Passion Center children and staff.  This morning we played with the children on the athletic fields.  After several high-pitched whistles, children flocked in to join from every direction.  We played parachute, jump rope, and ultimate frisbee.

A photograph of the entire Malawi team and Passion Center staff members was taken with the Passion Center and this beautiful country as a backdrop.  The Passion Center kids joined us and we all enjoyed refreshments before saying our final goodbyes.Malawi11-KendallOrians-GroupShots_0001

The full team!

The Passion Center staff joined our team for a late lunch at the infamous Tasty Bites roadside restaurant.  The President’s motorcade even passed by us within 20-30 yards!  We laughed, played games, and enjoyed a meal in each other’s company before giving our final goodbye hugs.


Tomorrow, we leave bright and early (6am Malawi time!) for the return trip home.  We are scheduled to arrive in Columbus on Sunday evening, and are eager to provide our own stories from the mission trip!  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.  We ask you to lift us up in safe travels as we make our way home.  See you soon!Malawi11-jwenning_0252 (1)

Kara Tiffan and myself – Malawi sisters!