Many activities wrapped up today!

Teen Studies and Women’s Ministry Celebration

I wanted them to understand that they are expensive.  They matter the most to God.

–  Omega, Pilira’s wife and Discipler


Omega has a heart to build into the lives of these young women since she is an orphan herself.  The teen girls’ studies concluded and a celebratory luncheon was hosted for the women’s ministry team today.  Both celebrations emphasized, encouraged, and reinforced the women’s relationships with the Lord before sending them into their spheres of influence.  Our own women were overwhelmed by the example of love and camaraderie displayed by the Malawian women.  We committed to pray fervently for the names and faces we know in their walk with Christ, since most likely the guardians of the teen girls are not.

Vision Clinic

The final vision clinic of our trip was held today to serve children, staff, and guardians of children at the Passion Center.  God worked through us to improve the sight of over 300 people during our clinics!  The reactions of our patients have been extremely gracious and a blessing to us.  People have been saved as the result of Christ working through us!

Future plans are for the vision clinic to continue operations!  We have trained several Passion Center staff members to examine and fit patients for glasses, and supplies will be sent as needed.

Work Projects

Construction of the kitchen roof was completed today and the last of the shelving is ready to be installed in the new office building.  Work projects provided a new level of understanding for the planning and complexity involved in Malawi construction projects.  Things are a little more difficult when there is not a Home Depot around the corner!